Feature: Rivers Targets German Success

Dan Rivers shot to fame last year when he won two medals at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Now he is settling into his first season of shooting in the Bundesliga for air rifle.

He is the first seed for a team called SV. Hüttenthal who are in the second tier of the league. Dan made his debut for the team this week and after struggling in his first match, he showed great character to bounce back and win his second match.

The Bundesliga is a great chance for Dan to develop his skills and gain more experience of high pressure situations.

The atmosphere of the Bundesliga is very different which Dan described as like “the environment of a football stadium with supporters and fans bringing rattles, horns and even cattle bells to cheer on their teams.

There are also some rule changes compared to an ISSF event as all shooters only fire 40 competition shots on the old whole integer scoring system. They also shoot for a straight win / lose system against an opponent.

Dan said: “The whole competition was great for my development and I’m looking forward to competing in the league this season along with open meets to really improve my International performances and really keep the goal alive of making it to the European 10m Champs where there will still be a handful of Olympic Quota places available.”

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