News: Kneale Raring To Go

Tim Kneale is excited to compete at the Rio 2016 Test Event after arriving in Brazil just a few days ago.

The time out there is a great opportunity for Kneale to get used to the conditions in Rio and practice on the ranges.

Kneale has settled into the country well and is enjoying the change in climate as he prepares for the competition.

Kneale said: “It’s a really exciting time with the build-up to the games and putting all the hard work that we’ve putting in over the last few months into practice. It’s a fantastic feeling and we have a great team here.

“The training facility that we have got at Belo Horizonte is a fantastic facility. It’s about an hour’s flight north of Rio and they’ve got two Olympic Trap layouts so it’s a great training facility there. I’m looking forward to getting some targets shot there.

“The weather is good. It’s nice and hot. It’s hotter than I expected – it’s quite warm and humid which is good. The only thing is that it’s a little bit hazy so that might affect the visibility of the targets a little bit but other than that they should be nice and big in the sunshine and stand out against the green backgrounds.

Part of the reason why Kneale has settled in well before the test event is the friendly staff there in Brazil.

“It’s a familiarisation for the Olympic Games to get used to the atmosphere that’s going round the place. Just being here now we can feel that there is an upbeat vibe and tempo going in and around the country.

“The guys here at Belo seem very happy to have us here and it seems to be quite a big deal for the Olympic team to be training at the ranges here.

“It’s another World Cup so it’s an opportunity to test myself and look at the changes that we made. Hopefully, we can find any areas that we can tighten up on as things progress towards August.”

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