News: Teams Announced for Baku

British Shooting is delighted to name the Rifle and Pistol shooters selected to join the previously announced Shotgun athletes for the upcoming World Cup in Baku.

The event runs from the 17th of June until the 27th of June and is the final World Cup of 2016 before the World Cup Final in Bologna, Italy.

Despite being a small team, the athletes selected have the ability to compete at the level required for the competition.

Rifle Coach, Donald McIntosh said: “Our experience at the European Games last year showed that the Baku 50m range can be pretty challenging so we have kept the team very tight, and selected only those who have clearly demonstrated that they have the potential to be competitive at this level, in contrast to the Munich World Cup where we have selected a larger team.”

One of the athletes going to Baku is David Binney who has been great form recently including winning a Bronze medal at the International Competition in Berlin last weekend.

“He put in a great performance in the qualification round, which was quite a step up for him, and then put in a solid performance in the final so they were both really pleasing to see and helped secure his place in this team.

“David is a relatively recent convert to ISSF/Olympic shooting after a number of years as a competitive shooter on the domestic NSRA scene, so this is good and rapid progress.”

Baku Team (17-27 June 2016)

Men’s 50m Prone Rifle

David Binney

Ken Parr

Neil Stirton

Women’s 50m 3×20 Rifle

Jen McIntosh

Women’s 10m Air Rifle

Jen McIntosh

50m Free Pistol

Kristian CaBakullaghan

10m Air Pistol

Kristian Callaghan

25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Kristian Callaghan

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