News: McIntosh Finishes 15th In Rio

Jen McIntosh finished in 15th place in the 10m Rifle competition at the Olympics in Rio.

The Commonwealth Games medallist scored 414.7 after four series which was not quite enough to qualify for the final with the top eight scoring 415.9 or higher.

It was a valiant effort by McIntosh who had a technical scare with her rifle during the competition as a screw holding the sight was interfering with the loading mechanism.

But the Scottish shooter was able to continue thanks to Donald McIntosh coming to the rescue and taking the rifle to be fixed.

She spoke about the malfunction and said: “I couldn’t get the bolt open to load the next shot so my dad ended up taking the rifle and running down the tunnel to take it to the service bay so thanks to him and the service people for managing to fix it.

“I knew I had 19 shots left to fire and was counting down if I had 20 or even 15 minutes that would be enough time so I was just waiting for him to come back.”

Despite the difficulty, the situation was dealt with and McIntosh kept her cool to perform well in her weaker competition.

Team Leader Phil Scanlan said: “Today was a great start for the team. It is good for the whole team to see that we have had a problem, we have dealt with the problem and actually Jen dealt with it very well.

“I actually think it will stand her in good stead ahead of her next match having coped with that and actually done so well, it hopefully will work in her favour.”

Next up for McIntosh is the 50m Rifle 3 Positions competition on Thursday which is her preferred event.

Thanks to Donald McIntosh for supplying the photo.

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