News: Lego Model of Deepdale Created

Chris Smith, who runs Brickstand, has created a Lego model of Preston North End’s stadium, Deepdale.

The model measures at 50x46x10 cm and is the 39th stadium on part of his quest to make Lego versions of all 92 Football League grounds in the country.

The former office worker took inspiration from seeing American baseball grounds online and hopes to create a picture book with his work in once he has completed all the stadiums.

Smith has been focused on his project for over two years and has also made models for Scottish and Non-League teams.

Whilst most Lego models come with instructions, Smith makes his stadiums with no guidance and each stadium can take several weeks to design.

Deepdale was one of the hardest stadiums for Smith to create because of the intricate faces of PNE legends in the stands at Deepdale.

However, with the help of Fab Bricks he managed to laser print the faces on Lego bricks to create an accurate representation of the stadium.

The Lego model of Deepdale is available to buy on his website here.

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